Save Me

At St. Paulís Church

We gathered


Oh, god save us

Oh, mother protect us.


East Ham, smells of curry

Faces from the Khans

Rajas and dust of the desert

Noises of the last white

Over the corner of the street

Faces strike me

Brown, black

White, pale

Bring me to you

Oh saver

And the last supper is approaching

And weíre gathered

Our bibles:

Small pocket books,

Yellow red coverings, tiny prints

And the joy of the upcoming

Glimpse of tomorrow


My words are shattered

My thoughts flattened

Be with me, be with us


Still inside the church

A mosque across the road

Still lost under the groundís maze

Give me strength, Oh, one

Crosses, crescents,

Bulls, stars

World melting in hate outside

In the name of the son, the name of the one

The people, the homeland, or leader

Landing on my feet

Water under

Mountains before me

Chants of the gospels rising

Here we are finishing

Getting out of the church

Hoping to stand

In a one spring day

Praying, or fearing Luck

Lifting ourselves

To hit fourteen stones, holes


Calls for everything to end

Save me

Save us

Pull us away

From the ghosts inside

And let me return to the desert

A Light breezy sand


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All rights reserved for the author Ghazi Gheblawi 2003/2005