Modern Libyan Literature

   When I started this project, I was driven with both disappointment and ambition. I was disappointed because, knowing that Libya with its vast landscape and immense history was ignored in the world literature. When I tried to find any information about Libya in the English literature, I couldn’t find much, two or three translations of Libyan storytellers, and two novels, nothing to compare to other translation from other Arabic countries.

   Although modern Libyan creative writing has a long history that extends more than 100 years, and it progressed in the same way as in other Arabic countries, but ignorance dominated, and all what was known about Libya, was Oil, Sands, and terrorism. This disappointment led to an ambition growing inside me, an ambition as wide as the vastness of Libya’s shores, and desert. I decided to start a project to bridge this gap between Libyan creative writing, in its original Arabic language, and world literature, in the form of English language.

   I will be giving samples of modern Libyan literature, ranging from prose, poetry, short stories, to (hopefully) novels and plays. I will be adding new translated work from time to time. I will be delighted to get feedbacks on the works posted here, and more than pleased if any one likes to promote presenting this part of Arabic literature to the English reader. All the posted works are translated from its original text, and if you are interested in republishing it, all you have to do is write to me so that I can help you getting permission from the author of the work.

   Enjoy the trip…


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