• Ghazi Issa Gheblawi

  • Born 29th November 1975, Tripoli Libya

  • In 1993 started writing prose in Arabic, the same year began my studies at Tripoli medical school.

  • 1996 published my first short story in Arabic in Libyan newspapers.

  • 1998 Wrote my first prose and poem in English.

  • Not knowing that curses are those created by human beings, I continued my medical studies through out the 90s

  • 2000 was the end of more than 6 years of medical school, becoming a Doctor.

  • 2001 I managed to build a coward bravery, I published my first collection of short stories in Arabic (Ela Matta..?) Till When..? It was just the beginning of a big game.

  • Chasing a reckless ambition I found myself trapped in an Island in the north, Britain, to continue my Medical career.

  • Still breathing till this full stop. Waiting for my life to slip till its last second.


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